Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Evaluations with Dr. Jim Davis by Telephone, Video-Conferencing, or In

These consultations offer a valuable opportunity to deepen your understanding about your own mind and body, and learn how to maintain optimal health.

Some reasons for a consultation include:

  • low mental or physical energy
  • chronic health concerns that don’t seem to get better
  • a recent ailment that is not improving
  • a general feeling that your health could be better
  • a desire to feel more vital, clear-minded, and positive

The Maharishi Ayurveda approach focuses on identifying imbalances in the body and mind and restoring balanced functioning before the imbalances become a disease. The evaluation of your condition takes into account a wide range of factors about you — not only about your current physical and mental state, but also your daily routine, diet, habits, attitudes, and lifestyle that contribute to your current state of wellness.

Through the use of pure herbal food supplements, the prescription of daily and seasonal routines, and other
holistic approaches, the body’s own inner intelligence is more fully activated to maintain health and prevent disease.

Or you may: