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Promote vitality naturally

Career, housework, family — if you’re like most women today you’re under stress. It can be difficult just to make it through the day, let alone excel. But don’t sell yourself short.

The 28 powerful ayurvedic ingredients in Vital Lady herbal formula work synergistically to support your mind, body and spirit so you’ll feel composed on the inside and dynamic on the outside. Specially targeted for the female nervous system, this formula helps revitalize the seven types of body tissue, supports cellular regeneration, helps balance hormones and emotions, and promotes healthy digestion, elimination and purification.

And because it promotes stamina and resistance to day-to-day stress, Vital Lady is the ideal choice for the working woman who is juggling career, home and social life.


Tips for Feeling Your Best Every Day

  • If you’re under stress, practice the Transcendental Meditation® program, proven by hundreds of scientific studies to be highly effective in reducing mental, physical and emotional stress.
  • Establish a regular routine, with regular times for meals, sleep and activity.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Give yourself an ayurvedic oil massage (abhyanga) regularly.
  • Get plenty of rest. Early to bed and early to rise.
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Eat your largest meal of the day at noon, when your digestive fire is at its peak.
  • Don’t read or watch TV while eating, as this disrupts digestion and reduces energy levels.
  • Participate in calming activities such as gardening and leisurely walks. Take time out from your work and home responsibilities to nurture yourself.
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Vital Lady

For hormonal balance, vitality, and resistance to stress

Combine outer strength with inner serenity. Vital Lady supports:

• Reproductive health and strength
• Resistance to daily stress
• Optimal vigor and stamina
• Hormonal and emotional balance
(formulated for women beginning at age 15)