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Enhance your natural resistance to colds
Feel like you're in a pine forest with this aroma blend! A warm, thermogenic blend of 11 pure essential oils, including Eucalyptus, Pine, Camphor and Peppermint. Close your eyes and inhale their comforting scent!

Essential Oils Masterpiece
Create a healing environment with Therapeutic Aroma Oils. Pure essential oils are endowed by nature with exquisite fragrances. Blending the right oils in the right amounts creates a unique scent that is more than the sum of its parts — a Therapeutic Aroma oil blend. The full spectrum of our Therapeutic Aroma Oil blends is designed to help reconnect your mind and body, lift your spirits and raise your sense of harmony and well-being naturally. Our aroma oils are blends are made from pure, essential oils. They contain no alcohol, carrier oils or artificial ingredients.