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Drink to your health

In a blind taste test, coffee drinkers didn’t notice when they were served Raja’s Cup instead of decaffeinated coffee! But Raja’s Cup goes beyond other coffee substitutes to offer time-tested health benefits. Caffeine free, grain free and all-herbal, this wholesome drink was highly regarded by the kings of ancient India.

Raja's Cup: create full-bodied flavor

This coffee substitute is a precise blend of four potent herbs — Clearing Nut, Kasmard, Licorice and Winter Cherry — this time-tested beverage helps promote well-being and vitality.

Published research shows that Raja's Cup has hundreds of times the antioxidant power of vitamin C or vitamin E. And it tastes delicious too! In a blind taste test, coffee drinkers thought that Raja's Cup was actually coffee. Caffeine-free, with no grains, Raja's Cup can be enjoyed any time of day — after meals, at breakfast or even before bed.

Raja's Cup is not an instant... the bulk pack grounds need to be used in a coffee machine or pump. Our convenient bags allow you to enjoy Raja's Cup anywhere you have hot water.


"I was suffering from physical fatigue... it took two hours to become active in the morning. I have been drinking Raja's Cup regularly for three months now — four cups a day. I awaken refreshed, feel more energized and have a feeling of well-being." ~ J.F.S., Fossil, OR
"I used to drink coffee. I quit, and now I drink Raja's Cup instead. I notice a marked improvement in how I feel — my skin looks better, I feel less jittery and I have no energy crashes during the day. Raja's Cup satisfies my need for something hot and flavorful, and there are no side effects, only side benefits!" ~ C.H., Edgewood, KY