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Support healthy intestinal flora

Are you feeling bloated? Always tired? Experiencing abdominal discomfort, gas or diarrhea? It’s possible that parasites are living a parallel life inside your body, feeding off your energy, your cells and the food you eat. It has been estimated that 85% of the North American adult population has at least one form of parasite. And some of those parasites can make you sick.

What causes parasites? Contaminated water, undercooked meats and improperly washed fruits and vegetables are just some of the common sources. Transmission from pets or other infected persons is also quite common. Widespread use of antibiotics can add to the problem, because antibiotics can interfere with beneficial intestinal flora and lower your body’s resistance.

Flora Tone promotes the health of the colon by supporting an environment where friendly bacteria can flourish. It also supports the colon’s natural ability to kill parasites, aiding the assimilation of nutrients. It supports the health of the large intestines, where an excessive build-up of mucous can breed not only parasites, but harmful bacteria, yeast and fungal issues such as Candida. Flora Tone promotes healthy digestion by addressing mucous on the intestinal wall, and supports efficient bowel function

Tips for Supporting Colon Health

  • Wash your hands frequently, as hand-to-mouth contact is the primary source of contamination.
  • Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Use a good air filter to keep your home free of contaminants.
  • Clean your fruits, vegetables and grains thoroughly prior to eating, especially organically grown products.
  • Drink only properly filtered water.
  • Drink freshly-prepared buttermilk frequently. This helps replenish normal intestinal bacterial.
  • Keep your pets clean and free of parasites.
  • Dispose of pet wastes immediately, and wear a mask when doing so.
  • Keep your home, carpet and furniture free of dust.
  • Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, and other pollutants.
  • Avoid eating foods that are old or contain preservatives and chemicals — including non-organic foods, leftovers, canned foods, and packaged foods — as these overtax the liver, preventing it from doing its job in screening out parasites and other foreign material.
  • Take Herbal Di-Gest formula to promote overall digestion.
  • For free ayurvedic recipes, self-care guides, podcasts and newsletters, be sure to visit


Flora Tone

Support healthy intestinal flora
Potent Flora Tone supports colon health by promoting an environment where friendly bacteria can flourish. It also supports the natural ability of the colon to kill parasites and aids the process of assimilation of nutrients.



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