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Rejuvenation Massage Oil

These special massage oils are designed to penetrate quickly into the skin and enhance all the benefits from the daily massage.

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Herbal Massage Oils

Personalize your daily massage with herbal massage oils. Formulated to balance specific skin types, our herbal massage oils not only lubricate but also purify the skin. Benefits also include:

• Improved circulation
• Elevated energy levels
• Muscle toning
• Balancing effect on the mind and nervous system.

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Organic Sesame Oil

Enhance immunity and experience a sense of well-being. Our pure golden Sesame Oil is organic, extra-light, chemical-free and cold- pressed, allowing its chemical composition to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. « details »

Organic Sesame Oil (cured)
16 fl. oz.

Organic Sesame Oil (uncured)
64 fl. oz.

Raw Silk Massage Gloves

Cellulite? Try this dry massage! A brisk daily dry massage with raw silk gloves helps boost circulation and break down stubborn cellulite over time.  « details »

Silk Massage Gloves
1 pair