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Nutritional support for hair and nails
Like every other aspect of long-lasting beauty, healthy hair and nails have their roots in proper nutrition. Excessively dry or brittle hair, split ends, and a flaky scalp are all signs of a nutritional imbalance.

This formula specifically:

  • Supports the health of the liver, helping to flush out toxins
  • Promotes resistance to day-to-day stress which can harm hair health.


While a good shampoo and the right genes don't hurt, it's the nutrients you feed your hair that often determine whether it maintains its color, strength and luster over the years. The Healthy Hair & Nails herbal formula supports and balances the metabolic processes that govern hair and nail growth and health. It also promotes resistance to stress, which can be damaging to hair. Includes Eclipta Alba and Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha).