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  1. Give yourself an energy boost. Feeling tired, sluggish or foggy? Toxins may be clogging your liver, kidneys and natural elimination systems. There are two kinds of toxins, according to Maharishi Ayurveda. First, there's the environmental kind, found in foods grown with pesticides and chemicals, in packaged foods made with additives, emulsifiers and dyes, and in polluted air or chlorinated water. You can dramatically reduce these environmental toxins by eating whole, unpackaged organic foods, drinking pure, filtered water and avoiding air pollution.
  2. Prevent Disease. According to Ayurveda, there's another kind of toxin, called ama, caused by incomplete digestion. When you eat fast food, or eat while on the run, or simply eat food that doesn't agree with your body, the digestive system gets overloaded, especially the liver. At first these toxins can contribute to that tired, sluggish feeling — but eventually can lead to disease in different parts of the body. By detoxing each season, you can prevent disease from starting.
  3. Improve your digestion. Our natural detox products clear sticky waste from the intestines, bowel and tissues. The side-benefit — faster digestion — allows your body to convert food to muscle and bone instead of fat. After detoxification, many people find they have less bloating, gas and digestive discomfort.
  4. Enjoy radiant skin. When you feel better, you look better too. With the gentle liver cleanse and colon cleanse provided by our herbal formulas, you'll see the difference in healthy, vibrant skin — nature's own facelift.
  5. It's safe, reliable and effortless. The Maharishi Ayurveda detoxification programs cleanse the colon, cleanse the liver, and cleanse the skin. Unlike a commercial colon cleanse or liver cleanse, all of our detox products cleanse all three areas, giving you a full body detox. This is important not only because it's more effective, but it's safer too. Our products are so gentle and holistic, you can continue your normal lifestyle while taking them. The result is gradual and natural, a safe and easy way to detox.