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Yeast Infection


I have a systemic yeast infection, candida. As a result, I suffer from chronic colds, fatigue, headaches and stomach aches. I've tried a number of "alternative" approaches, but nothing works?
~ M.D. of Illinois


Yeast infections are basically due to weak immunity. Here's what happens:

  • Too many sweets and heavy carbohydrates decrease the digestive fire.
  • Weak digestion allows impurities (Ama) to accumulate.
  • The digestive impurities aggravate lubrication (Shleshaka Kapha) in a toxic reaction (amavisha). Next, enzymatic changes (Bhrajaka Pitta) and circulation (Vyana Vata) are disturbed. This weakens the immune system.
  • Weak immunity allows the yeast infection to take hold.
  • Kapha type symptoms begin to appear — fatigue, dullness, colds.

If immunity is strong, infections aren't a problem. This traditional analogy makes it clear. The body is like a farm. A virus is like a seed. The seed won't grow unless the farm land is fertile and feeds it.

Antibiotic drugs are designed to attack the seed. They kill the virus along with healthy bacteria. The drug becomes ineffective when a resistant strain of the virus develops.

The Ayurvedic approach is to strengthen your immunity. Digestive impurities (Ama) serve as food or fertilizer for the yeast virus. Reduce the Ama and the virus will starve.

With Ayurveda the virus is secondary and your immunity or personal balance is primary. In India, candida infections are rare. The spicy diet helps keep the digestive fire high and Ama low.

Diet and lifestyle tips

  • Drink Kapha Tea.
  • Avoid heavy, sweet cold foods.
  • Increase warm, light, nutritious foods.
  • Increase Turmeric, Pepper and Ginger.
  • Take the formula, Elim-Tox to purify the system and reduce Ama.

Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.

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