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I often experience sensations and a twitching reflex in my legs. It usually occurs when I'm relaxing or meditating.
~ J.K. of Colorado


This is a mild case of the restless leg syndrome which is usually experienced during sleep. It's basically a Vata problem, especially Apana Vata — the downward flow of energy in the body. Vata energy likes to "run very fast." But the restless leg syndrome blocks a clear passage through the body. The pressure or obstruction is caused by accumulated impurities (Ama), a muscle cramp or build up of too much Vata.

When the amount of Vata is high and it's moving at high speed, what happens if it runs into a temporary "road block?" There's an urge to move the leg and release any tension.

If Vata continues to accumulate, it will reach a critical trigger point. Then it will attempt to move and localize causing an imbalance in a particular part of the body.

The body's natural defense mechanism says move the leg — rather than allow the process of pathogenesis to continue. That's what causes the twitching.

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