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Gaining Weight


I am a very active Pitta-Vata person. I have a good appetite and eat heavy "Kapha" foods with a view to gaining weight, but have not been successful so far. What should I do?


Sometimes, when a Pitta-Vata person exercises a lot, it can over-stimulate the metabolism. You could try eating sweet juicy fruits and dates or soaked nuts in-between meals.

Black gram is also excellent for people trying to gain weight. It is sold in Indian grocery stores as uard dahl. You can cook it into a thick soup with rice and vegetables and spices. Black gram, however, is harder to digest than mung dahl. If you digest it well, it can help build muscle mass and stamina. It is also Vata pacifying. It does increase Pitta, so you should season it with Pitta-pacifying spices such as fennel and coriander as well as turmeric.

Diet and lifestyle tips

  • Make a slit in a ripe banana and drizzle some melted Ghee into the slit. Chew well when you eat it.
  • Boil some milk. When it is still warm, add a couple of chopped dates and a bit of clove to it. Blend into a frothy shake and drink once or twice a day
  • Give yourself a full-body ayurvedic oil massage with Vata Massage Oil. It is soothing for Vata and will tone your muscles.
  • Exercise after you are done with your massage.

Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.

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