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Ringing in Ears


I have ringing in my ears, especially the left one. I can't associate it with anything I might be doing. For example, I'm not taking any medications that would cause this. What is this telling me?


Ringing in your ears is related to sensory perception (Prana Vata) and a blockage in the auditory channel. The ayurvedic texts include specific references to ringing in the ears. It's best to see a doctor about this type of disorder.

Diet and lifestyle tips

  • Give yourself a daily oil massage, focus on the head.
  • Take the Worry Free tablets and the Worry Free Tea.
  • Add poppy seed chutney to your diet — 80% poppy seeds and 20% shredded coconut. Heat the dry poppy seeds just until they begin to pop. Next, add water and blend the seeds thoroughly into a paste. Then, mix in the coconut. Heat a bit of cumin in the Ghee (clarified butter), add salt to taste and mix it with the poppy-coconut paste.

Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.

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