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What causes cellulite, that ugly ripply condition of fat? How can you get rid of it?
~ J.N. of Wisconsin


A condition such as cellulite is more than the simple accumulation of fat.

The ancient Ayurvedic surgeon, Shushruta, identified a heavy, saturated type of fat tissue he called Vasa. When this saturated fat interacts with digestive impurities (Ama), the result is cellulite.

Cellulite is a localized effect. It's a heavy, sticky substance that sits in the fat cells and is very difficult to eliminate. The longer it sits there, the harder it is to remove.

The key is to break down the link between the Vasa fat and the Ama impurities. At my clinic in India I developed a special cellulite regimen that includes a steam treatment with the herb Gotu-Kola, massage and an herbal mud pack. Within 21 days patients see results. Now we're doing research on how we can make this program available to you in your own home. In the meantime the following tips will help.

Diet and lifestyle tips

  • Exercise the legs, thighs and any affected areas.
  • Give yourself a daily dry Garshan massage on the affected areas. Raw silk gloves for this massage are available.
  • Add a little Kapha Tea, Kapha Churna Seasoning, Fenugreek, Cumin, Black Pepper and Ginger to your diet. These help reduce Ama, but don't overdo it. Too many hot spices can aggravate your Pitta.

Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.

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