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I have had bronchial asthma for 12 years and use a prescription drug and a bronchial dilator daily. What's the ayurvedic recommendation for asthma? I've already been taking Amrit Kalash, both Nectar and Ambrosia, for over three years now and overall I feel much better.


Asthma can be related to any of the three primary factors — Vata, Pitta or Kapha — that govern all of the functions of the mind and body.

When a Vata imbalance is dominant the throat is aggravated. There is dryness which shrinks the bronchial trees and leads to poor air circulation.

When a Pitta imbalance is dominant, the bronchia are more reactive which creates toxins (Amavisha), clogs the bronchia and generates excessive thirst and interior body heat. Breathing can be difficult.

When a Kapha imbalance is dominant, lubrication and moisture balance (Shleshaka Kapha) are disturbed and interact with impurities (Ama) that clog the system and generate too much mucus. Allergic bronchitis is likely.

Each of these three kinds of asthma requires different treatment. A bronchial dilator, from the ayurvedic perspective, only treats the superficial symptoms. Maharishi Ayurveda gets at the root cause of the condition to break out of the cycle of pathogenesis.

Diet and lifestyle tips

  • It's especially important to avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature or the taste of foods.
  • Take a bit of fresh ginger before meals.
  • Cook with a moderate amount of turmeric, cumin and clove.
  • Avoid heavy, cold foods, an excess of sweet tasting foods -- or any foods that only have one extreme taste.
  • Do a daily oil massage before showering, especially during the winter weather.
  • Take Bio-Immune herbal tablets
  • If an allergic reaction is involved, then also take Aller-Defense.
  • Regular bowel movements are important. Herbal Cleanse tablets may help.

Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.

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